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Are you tired of being hot in the summer and cold in the winter, our experts at HVAC System Repair service anything and everything from damaged heat pumps to ductless split systems, electrical wires to sewer pipes, flooding toilets and even clogged sink drains. Contact us today and schedule an appointment for us to get you back on track.

No job is too large or too small: we service hundreds of homes, offices, apartment buildings and warehouses each and every year.

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We can install / replace ceiling fans & lighting fixtures safely and efficiently.

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We can install / replace ceiling fans & lighting fixtures safely and efficiently.

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We can install / replace ceiling fans & lighting fixtures safely and efficiently.

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We can install / replace ceiling fans & lighting fixtures safely and efficiently.

As with any piece of equipment, your hvac unit will eventually need to be serviced; and as the homeowner, or small business owner, it is your responsibility to schedule appointments when they are needed in order to prevent early replacement or malfunctions.

Regardless if you are trying to stay warm in the winter, or cool in the summer, heating ventilation air conditioning and cooling units are an essential need for any home, house, office, apartment or building. In order to maintain the proper room temperature, you must understand how the unit operates. Listed below is a brief rundown of how an hvac unit works.

Heating: There are multiple options that offer summer climates in cooler seasons. Forced air is the most common, with geothermal heating following close after that. Each system generates heat from the central source and then passes it throughout the property.

Forced Air: Forced air units use a furnace or heat pump to heat the air and then disperse it from the unit throughout the property via ductwork and in-room vents.

Geothermal Heating: Geothermal heating utilizes natural energy to heat the property by using a heat pump and ground loop to access below-ground energy for indoor comfort.

Ventilation: Proper ventilation helps circulate and purify the air by controlling moisture levels, removing unwanted smells, and preventing air stagnation.

Central Air: Central air conditioning units take in cool air and then circulate it through a system of supply ducts and return registers. Supply ducts and registers can be in wall openings, floors, and ceilings.

Central air is divided into two types of systems:

Split-system Central Air: A split-system has two different cabinets, one is located outside in a metal cabinet and houses the condenser and compressor. The second one is on the inside of the house and contains the evaporator.

Packaged Central Air: Packaged central air systems have the evaporator, condenser and compressor installed in one cabinet, these cabinets will include either a natural gas furnace or electric heating coils. By storing all of the components in one cabinet and placing it on the roof or a concrete slab near the foundation we are able to eliminate the need for a separate furnace inside the property.



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